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Ergo Lite

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Weighing only 8.5kg, the Ergo Lite is Karma’s lightest attendant-propelled wheelchair. The compact design is ideal for wheelchair users who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair for short trips. It is equipped with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system.

Foldable Backrest and Frame

It allows for convenient storage and transportation. With the foldable backrest and frame, it makes storage and transport much easier.

S-Ergo Seating System

S-Ergo Seating is globally patented in many countries. The seating provides the wheelchair user with a basic pressure relief without having to purchase a foam cushion. While a foam cushion can be cumbersome and pricy, the S-Ergo Seating frame is lightweight and simple, offering the short-term wheelchair user an inexpensive option.

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Key Selling Feature


  • Only 8.2kgPatented ergonomic seating system
  • Relieving seating pressure

Ultralight and Sturdy

We strive to make the caretaker’s life easier. Weighing at a mere 8.5kg, the ultralightweight lowers the risk for back injury by reducing the physical effort required to lift it. Sturdy and safe, we believe it is the lightest crashed tested wheelchair available on the market.


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