VGo in Action

Experience the seamless blend of manual control and electric assistance with VGo.

Universal Attachment

VGo effortlessly connects to any manual wheelchair, offering a universal mobility solution.

Easy Charging, Endless Adventure

 Navigate day or night with confidence – VGo’s built-in lights and safety features redefine style and security

Stylish and Safe

Charge at home, cruise anywhere – VGo’s EV capabilities bring convenience to every journey.

Discover a New Era of Mobility – Where Innovation Meets Independence. Unleash the Power to Go Anywhere, Anytime. What if Your Manual Wheelchair Could Do More?

Introducing VGo, the Game-Changing Hybrid Wheelchair Attachment.

VGo’s Power Unleashed

Effortless Mobility for Every Terrain. 

Equipped with a robust motor, VGo goes beyond boundaries. With both forward and reverse capabilities, it effortlessly conquers diverse surfaces, be it rough terrains or smooth pathways. Its remarkable strength allows seamless movement with a capacity to effortlessly handle up to 100kg

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Why VGo?

Unlock Limitless Freedom with VGo – Your Ultimate

Fun for every rider!

Hybrid Wheelchair Attachment. Experience the Power of Seamless Mobility, Universal Compatibility, and Advanced Safety Features. Navigate with Confidence at Up to 20 km/hr. Elevate Your Independence – Choose VGo, Choose Excellence!

VGo: Your Comprehensive Mobility Solution

Unmatched Features for Unmatched Freedom

VGo stands out with its versatile features, including front and reverse modes for easy maneuvering, built-in headlights and design lights for enhanced visibility, and a horn for added safety. Experience comprehensive functionality in one mobility solution with VGo.

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VGo: Your Complete EV Mobility Solution

Charging Simplified, Safety Amplified

Fun for every rider!

VGo stands as a testament to complete electric mobility. With the convenience of home charging on a regular socket, battery indicators for real-time monitoring, and an advanced safety key for control, VGo ensures not just mobility but a seamless and secure experience for users. Embrace the future of electric-powered freedom with VGo

Enhanced Safety and Style

VGo’s Thoughtful Design and Built-In Headlights.

VGo stands out not only for its commitment to safety with built-in headlights but also for its thoughtful design. The integrated lights not only illuminate the way for enhanced visibility at night but also add a touch of style to the overall aesthetic, creating a holistic and enjoyable mobility solution for users.


VGo’s Versatile Design

Independence, Mobility, and Comfort

Fun for every rider!

VGo introduces a revolutionary T-stand feature, transforming it into a self-sufficient unit. With added support wheels, mobility is effortless, allowing easy maneuverability. The height-adjustable footrest enhances comfort, making every movement a breeze.

Hybrid wheelchair attachment


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Range of VGo

The VGo offers a range of up to 20 -25 Km* per
charge, You can always purchase a secondary battery to double the range.

Compatible with my Wheelchair

Our product is compatible with most wheelchairs. Take a look at our compatibility guide

Frequently Asked Questions

wheelchair attachment

How fast does it go?

For optimal usage, we recommend operating the VGo at a moderate speed, although it has the capability to reach up to 20 km/hr.

Does insurance cover the

The VGo is considered a recreational
device however some plans may

All Terrain + Street

The Best All Terrain VGo!


Reason to Buy

Beyond Purchase: Why Choose VGo?

After Sales Care

Your journey doesn't end with the purchase. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you, ensuring your ride stays smooth and enjoyable even after your purchase.

PAN India Delivery

Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kutch to Silchar. Our customers range from north to south and east to west. We supply all over India. Our e-bikes reach you no matter where you call from! 


VGo enjoys a lifetime frame warranty, 2.5 years of battery assurance, and 1-year protection. for the charger, motor, controller, throttle, headlight, and horn. 

myUDAAN has been honored with prestigious awards and recognition for its innovative efforts in the field. Here are a few notable accolades:

NCPEDP Universal Design Award: myUDAAN was recognized with the NCPEDP Universal Design Award, acknowledging its commitment to inclusive design and accessibility.

Listed in NITI Aayog as the Emerging Mobility Solution: NITI Aayog, a prominent policy think tank in India, has listed myUDAAN as an emerging mobility solution, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the transportation landscape.

Winner of Smart Solution Challenge by UN India: myUDAAN emerged as the winner of the Smart Solution Challenge conducted by UN India, showcasing its innovative approach and contribution to sustainable development. Smart Solutions Challenge and Inclusive City Awards 22