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Airwave 3

  • Good Quality And Easy To Use
  • Pump Alternately Inflates And Deflates Air Cells, Adjustable Pressure Knob And Has To Be On 24 X 7 Hours
  • Variable Pressure Setting For Added Patient Comfort

Airwave T1

  • Tubular mattress,Long life
  • Low noise
  • Pressure management
  • CPR tag
  • Tubular mattress

Aurora 4

  • Reclining Seat with a rotation of 160 Degree
  • Cushioned Footrest with elevation
  • 8 Spoke Rear Mag Wheel

Aurora 5

Aurora 5 Aluminium Wheelchair, This wheelchair is an upgrade version. This wheelchair is designed in sporty quality. Aurora 5 is a Premium Foldable Wheelchair fully facilitated. It has a fixed armrest and footrest for the comfort of the patient

Aurora 6

Aurora 6 by Karma is a stylish and lightweight wheelchair which is adjustable to suit your requirements. It has 110 kg weight bearing capacity with heavy-duty performance and flip-up armrests for better balance and support.

Champion 200 Blue

Modern-day, stylish and particular Elliptical layout with Streamline shape, reliable with Low upkeep fees and great desire for your metallic Wheelchair.

Champion 200 Mag Diamond

Basic Inexpensive Best Quality Wheelchair Light in Weight Rear Mag Wheel Diamond Black Model with very unique Colour

Champion 200 Orange

Karma Champion-200 Orange Wheelchair has the Lightest Aluminum frame. It can be propelled easily for the journey too. It has an elliptical-frame. This wheelchair has an anti-slip and comfortable footplate.

Champion 205 AB & FB

The Champion 205 is adding features like Attendent Brake and Foldable Backrest which make it superior in its segment of steel wheelchairs. Karma Manual Wheelchair Champion Attendant Brake The new color of joy Colourful, lightweight wheelchairs that are two times more durable and easy to operate.

Check & Sure-BP 101

Check&Sure Blood Pressure Monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. This means the monitor detects your blood's movement through your brachial artery and converts the movements into a digital reading. Intelligent cuff inflation will reduce the uncomfortable feeling by incorrect inflation. Each measurement displays on the screen and automatically stored.

Check & Sure-BP 102

  • Large LCD Display
  • Blue Backlight
  • Support USB Power Interface
  • Smart Pressurization

CP 200

Karma CP 200 Paediatric Wheelchair is designed with adjustable armrestand and front casters, along with headrest and trunk support to provide optimal comfort for your child at every moment.

Donate For Products

There are some situations in which babies are given dummies by medical professionals when breast- feeding has not been established:

Dry 24 Adult Diaper- L – PKD

  • Has super soft inner cotton padding feels like cloth and refastenable that tapes can be adjusted for a fit
  • Super locking technology that prevents the leakage from all sides
  • Provides adjustable tapes, leak guard, dual padding for a snug fit
  • Has wetness indicator

Dry 24 Adult Diaper- XL PKD

  • Has super soft inner cotton padding feels like cloth and refastenable that tapes can be adjusted for a fit
  • Super locking technology that prevents the leakage from all sides
  • Provides adjustable tapes, leak guard, dual padding for a snug fit
  • Has wetness indicator

Dry 24 Adult Diaper-M – PKD

Super Absorbent Gel Quickly locks fluids away and helps eliminating odour.  The maximum absorbency quickly turns liquid into gel, keeping the area dry and comfortable from bladder leaks.

Fighter 2C

  • Foladable Wheelchair with Detachable Footrest
  • Quality Wheelchair from Karma Healthcare

Fighter C

  • Folding wheelchair with fixed arm & footrest
  • Superior quality spoke wheels
  • Shinning steel frame
  • Max load bearing: 100 kgs(approx)
  • Easy to carry

Fighter C F12

  • Basic Inexpensive Best Quality Wheelchair
  • Light in weight.
  • Small Rear and front tyre
  • Elevating and detachable footrest

Fighter C HS

  • From the leading brand of wheelchairs -Karma health care
  • Comes with hard seat-more comfort for the user
  • Manual foldable wheelchair
  • Lightweight with Steel Made
  • Easy to use

Fighter C Mag

Karma Healthcare Fighter C-Mag-F24 Standard Wheelchair is basic no-frills inexpensive wheelchair which is super sturdy and comfortable, the pateint can use the chair for long hours.

Fighter P

This Standard Fighter P Wheelchair is a very basic but useful wheelchair. Comfortable and easy to use, this wheelchair chair allows the patient to sit for hours at a time without any discomfort. Also, it comes with foldable footrests.


Our product “Handicare” tries to address people with a disability in their legs who have weak hands as well and suffer a lot of pain in their shoulders as well as the spine when they push the board with their hands. In Handicare, there are handlebars, that are wiggled in the right and left such that the front wheels, which are also bigger, are in contact with the ground and push the ground backward. This leads to friction between the bigger wheels and the ground. Due to this friction, the wheel moves forwards as well as the device.

Optimo-AM101- Air Mattress

  • Prevents bed sores for patients who are bed ridden for a long period of time
  • Comes with free storage for the pump
  • The pump also has two handles which can be used to place it on the edge of the bed for handling it.
  • Warranty will be provided only for the pump not for the mattress

Paediatric Chair-1

Karma PC-1 Children Wheelchair By karma From the leading brand of  Children Wheelchair health care Manual foldable wheelchair Durable & Comfort Lightweight with Steel Made.