Ryder WS-121 PC Grey

Ryder WS-121 PC Grey


  • Model Number  –  Ryder 420 CR
  • Material –    Aluminum
  • Height Adjustable –      Yes
  • Foldable –   No
  • Color –    Bronze
  • Brand –  Karma Health


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Best Brand Karma WS-121 PC Grey Walking Stick Online Price is specially intended for Aged people and who need to stick for a walk. Due to four legs at the bottom of the stick, which helps them to walk in a better way. This product is specially made to support those people who can’t hold the weight and balance of their body.



Model Number WS-121 PC
Material Aluminum
Height Adjustable Yes
Foldable No
Color Grey
Brand Karma
Manufacturer By Karma Healthcare Limited


Karma Ryder Walking Sticks Benefits of Use

  • This product has a lightweight but it can handle a minimum of 6 times more heavy things in the composition of the product weight.
  • Due to the swan neck design of the stick, it helps to decrease hand pain and hand irritation.
  • Rubber handle feel soft in the hand of the user,
  • Due to the four legs of the product, it is very helpful for those people who have balancing problems.


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