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Don’t Help a Disabled Person

One fine gentleman posted a question?

” Should we help a disabled person waiting at Zebra Crossing ” I said NO.

It would be very inhumane to say NO, why wouldn’t anybody help. We would all want to help this person so that he/she can reach the destination. Remember, most of the persons with disabilities have learned to live in society. Yes, there would be a greater level of difficulty, some more time but they do it. They are high on self-respect, it would not be right to just jump in and help without asking them.

There are greater things you can do. If you look around a lot of locations , buildings , institutions and common areas are inaccessible. FREE accessibility information apps like myUDAAN provides information on accessibility. All you need to do is just add couple of images of the location and mark as accessible/ inaccessible.

There is also an entire ecosystem which is being set up to help persons with disability, this is going to be complete with unique products , services and Technologies. Keep a watch.

Single Epicenter app for all your needs.

Customers can buy unique mobility products A unique and dedicated e-commerce platform for all there needs and a platform to connect assistive technology innovators to the baneberries.

Customers can now book an Assistant like Ola or Uber thru simple steps. People can now move freely in Malls Large format stores, & also they can venture out of stations independently.

Customers can check location accessibility before travel. The app classifies Public Location as PwD accessible or inaccessible. My accessibility gives before-hand accessibility information.

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