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Isn’t it time to set them Free?

Until a year back, cities were brimming with activity, our unstoppable cities. The city is always on the move, so much so that it never sleeps. We share a love-hate relationship with Trains, Buses, Cabs, Auto, and Metro. We complain often but know deep in our hearts that very few cities in the world can provide such Mobility.

But now, you see what you have never seen or might never see global Lockdown again. All of us are confined, just waiting for this to end and go out.

While we wait, we should now wonder about people who have been waiting to go out, travel, be free, be financially independent. Yes, there are such people, Persons with Disabilities.

Mobility is the single largest problem faced by people with disabilities and the elderly.

People with disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in the world. Disability is now understood to be a human rights issue. People are disabled not only by their bodies but also by society. 15.3% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability 

These barriers can be overcome by: 

  • Promoting access to mainstream service
  • Investing in Specific programs for people with disability
  • Providing adequate funding
  • Increasing public awareness and understanding of disability

We should take a moment and reflect. Isn’t Mobility a fundamental right for all, Shouldn’t a person with a Disability independently travel either to a Mall, a Cinema Hall, or a community Garden. Shouldn’t our infrastructure be inclusive?

myUDAAN: A one-stop solution for all problems related to Mobility

We empower individuals to take control of their IndependenceIndependence.

myUDAAN is a technology-driven service that enables the PwD and Elderly to book on-demand Mobility Assistants, get information on AccessibilityAccessibility, and access Mobility & Mobility Products. Assistive Technology coupled with our in-premise/outdoor Assistants will solve last-mile mobility issues; it also provides accessibility information not available on another medium.

We are impatient of Lockdown days, but the PwD (Person with Disabilities) has always been under Lockdown.

Isn’t it time to set them Free?

myUDAAN enjoys first to competitive market advantage in a fragmented market. They are the only platform that provides all inter-related mobility solutions. In addition, they also have a one-of-a-kind mobility assistant service, which allows customers to book assistants just as they would an Uber.

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myUDAAN brings Accessibility to all. The platform empowering individuals to take control of their Independence.

myUDAAN wants to bring Mobility through Technology

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Single Epicenter app for all your needs.

Customers can buy unique mobility products A unique and dedicated e-commerce platform for all their needs and a platform to connect assistive technology innovators to the baneberries.

Customers can now book an Assistant like Ola or Uber thru simple steps. People can now move freely in Malls Large format stores, & also they can venture out of stations independently.

Customers can check location accessibility before travel. The app classifies Public Location as PwD accessible or inaccessible. My accessibility gives before-hand accessibility information.

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