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Welcome to our World!!! During COVID-19

Until a few days ago Mumbai was brimming with activity, our unstoppable Mumbai. The city is always on the move, so much so that it never sleeps. We share a love-hate relationship with Trains, Buses, Cabs, Auto and lately Metro. We complain often but know deep in our hearts that very few cities in the world can provide such mobility. But now, you see what you have never seen or might never see again Mumbai Lock down. All of us are confined, just waiting for this to end and go out.

While we wait, we should now wonder about people amongst us who have been waiting to go out, travel, be free, be financially independent.

Yes, there are such people, Persons with Disabilities.

Isn’t it time to set them Free.

We should take a moment and reflect, isn’t Mobility a basic right for all, Shouldn’t a person with Disability independently travel either to a Mall, a Cinema Hall or a community Garden. Shouldn’t our infrastructure be inclusive?

A couple of Lockdown days and we are impatient, but the PwD (Person with Disabilities) has always been under lockdown.

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