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A wheelchair taxi provides private transportation services for wheelchair-bound people. One can travel to medical appointments, work, social activities, and retail stores. It reduces the need for wheelchair-bound individuals to rely on friends and family members to meet their transportation needs.

Most of all it gives a sense of dignity and independence to a person in a wheelchair.

If you have ever seen a person in a wheelchair trying to get into the regular mode of transport in India, either it is just impossible or getting into cab/Auto becomes very stressful. Wheelchair taxis offer great hope here. Most of the wheelchair Taxis use tallboy designed cars into their fleet for easy ingress and exit, these cars are also equipped with ramps, hydraulic lifts to ease ingress into wheelchair taxi. Drivers & Assistants are sensitized on wheelchair handling.

Wheelchair Taxi operators also provide insurance to cover any liabilities while transporting customers. Booking a wheelchair taxi is fairly simple just call myUDAAN, ezymov, or Mobicab.

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