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10 Health tips for Senior Citizens

Your Golden years can be truly golden if you follow very simple suggestions to lead an active social life. myUDAAN helps senior citizens with in premise Mobility, outbound Mobility, Travel & Home Care.

  1. Go Out – start your day by going out, either in the society premise, the society garden, or the closest Nana Nani park. Get some sunlight, you will be amazed at the energy you will have for the rest of the day. 
  2. Keep Active – start with minimal activity and gradually increase the intensity, remember to not overdo. A few bodily movements and walk is good to start with and then build an active regime.
  3. Make Friends – start talking to more people, become  more social, join laughter club in the mornings, attend social senior gatherings
  4. Create a Purpose – pick up a hobby like gardening, yoga, or maybe even working a couple of hours for charity or teaching.
  5. Eat right – Eating can be a boon or bane at your age, eating the right foods at the right time in right portions os the key to a healthy diet
  6. Sleep well – please get enough sleep. Be very disciplined about your sleeping pattern, avoid daytime sleeping.
  7. Pick up a daily chore – you children might not want to make you feel obliged, but please pick up a daily chore like dropping off Grandchildren, walking your dog.
  8. Health check & medication – take regular health tests, better to prevent than to be hospitalized. Be regular with your medication.
  9. Ask for Help –  in case of sudden changes like restlessness,  loss of diet please do not hesitate from informing dear ones.
  10. Consider Home Care – God forbid, if you need  patient care at home, do not hesitate, recovery is more important

Above all , be healthy be Happy.  

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