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If you have a near and dear one who is 60+ and you have been wondering about what matters to them the most , read on


With age, the reason for fear increases, worrying for small things or things that hardly matter takes precedence over everything else. Elders should just stop worrying, remembering that they have lived a long way and they will live even better.

Families should

  • Always assure Elders with your respect & love.
  • All they need is a little time, spend time with them, let their grandchildren spend time with them
  • Keep telling them how you turned just fine because of them as your parents
  • They also need to be busy, find activities that keep them going ex. ask your Grandmother to write recipes for you
  • They need to socialize, explore options for them to meet new people at churches or religious gatherings
  • They need to go out, explore mobility send them for senior citizens’ events.
  • Share your Office news, they have been thru that, you might get some valuable advice
  • Share a drink, nothing better than unwinding and nostalgia.

Remember they bought you up , don’t ever let them down.

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