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4 Ways for PwD to Move Independently

It is no wonder that the primary challenge that people with disabilities face is mobility. There are 26.8 million people with disabilities in India, according to the 2011 census. The number is estimated to have increased significantly over the decade. 

When it comes to commuting, people with mobility challenges are forced to depend on the people around them. Additionally, the social stigma that unfortunately dominates even this decade restricts families to a closed environment at a national as well as societal level. 

Needless to say, while some families gladly help their loved ones with physical challenges, it inevitably creates difficulty for the members to plan their own schedules or be away for days at the end. In this blog, let us look at 4 practical ways for people with disabilities to move independently without being a burden on their families.

  1. Assistance on-demand
    Organizations like myUDAAN provide trained and experienced assistants for you to move at your convenience and comfort. Wheelchair assistants or mobility assistants ensure your safety and stay with you for your journey, be it to the bank or across the country, or just for a breath of fresh air. But if you are booking a wheelchair assistant, be aware of 3 things before you do it.
  2. Innovative Products
    Products like VOIS  and Smart Canes are exceptional helps for travelling. VOIS is basically a pair of gloves that come with a small screen, mic, and speakers. People with hearing or speech impairment can use it as “text to speech” or “speech to text”. Smart Canes like Saarthi come with sensors to help you navigate through the crowd by yourself.
  3. Wheelchair Taxi
    A significant challenge that people with wheelchairs face is traveling by cabs. Normal cabs are not equipped for wheelchaired people to travel with ease. They need help to get in and out of the cab and even then, it is difficult. A wheelchair taxi is specially designed with a ramp to get in and out with a wheelchair easily.
  4. Wheelchair Strapon
    While wheelchairs can be driven by some people with disabilities by themselves, it could be a challenge to do so going uphill or to commute through a crowded street. The smart strapon turns your wheelchair into a small scooter that can drive you with comfort and ease. 

Products and services like the ones listed above can truly make a person with a disability more independent. Indeed, there are agencies that help the PwD with mobility assistance. However, they usually come with one of two challenges: affordability or reliability. With myUDAAN, we are aiming to overcome both of those obstacles. For more information on our wide array of products and services, visit 

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