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6 Products for PwD to Ease Up Their Lives

For most people with disabilities, they have adapted to their lifestyle. The disability, however, does hinder their life, at times. Technology, over the years, has enhanced our way of life. We do less but get more done. For every person with a disability, technology is helping them overcome their shortcomings and be more efficient in their day. 

At myUDAAN, we have a meticulously selected range of products that are aimed at improving the lifestyle of a person with a disability. In this blog, we look at some of them, as well as, some other products across the world that can ease up the lives of people with disabilities. 

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 

Dragon is a speech recognition software created by Nuance. It allows you to type, control the mouse, and open and close programs with your voice. It is a fantastic solution for people who struggle with their arm movement. 

  1. Home Automation 

You can leverage technology to create a smart home. It need not cost a lot if you do it right. But you can have some sensors control the lights, fans, and air conditioning at home. It avoids the need for manual work. 

  1. Smartwatch 

Smartwatches have evolved a lot over the years. They are a great way to keep your heart rate in check. Additionally, you can pair them with your phone and stick to your medicinal schedule with reminders. You can get a decent smartwatch for Rs. 2,000.

  1. Smart Cane

Assistive strap-on devices for your canes can instantly turn them into smart canes. Products like Saarthi are designed with sensors and notification systems to help people with visual impairment stroll through a crowd with ease. 

  1. VOIS – Communication Aid 

VOIS is a state-of-the-art product that benefits people with speaking challenges as well as those with hearing challenges. It is essentially a pair of gloves that comes with a tiny screen. It can convert your text to speech and someone’s speech to text. 

  1. myUDAAN App 

myUDAAN proves to be a one-stop solution for all your mobility needs. It comes with an unparalleled customer service and surprisingly low charges. Right from nursing care to travel assistants, the portfolio of services encapsulates it all. 
As a person with disability, which products do you use to ease up your life? We would love to know. Write to us at or visit our website

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